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Important Tips for Turning Halloween Into a Teachable Moment for Budgeting

Personal Finance Expert Jason Alderman Available for Interviews

"While Halloween spending may not break the bank for many families, it is an ideal 'teachable moment' where parents can instill in their children the value of budgeting and spending wisely" says Jason Alderman, Personal Finance Expert and Director of Visa's Practical Money Skills for Life. "Halloween can be a fun time for all, but to make sure that the celebration is a success, advanced planning is necessary, especially when money is concerned."

To help parents turn shopping for Halloween costumes, candy and decorations into a lesson about financial responsibility, Visa has developed the following list of budgeting tips:

  1. Tell children what the overall budget is for Halloween spending and where that money comes from. Will it mean no movies this weekend? Or does it require saving for several weeks?
  2. Have them figure out how much candy you gave out last year and how much you need to buy this year.
  3. Encourage kids to consider ways to cut costs and manage cash flow, like clipping coupons, looking for sales or comparison shopping.
  4. Let children pick out the costumes, candy and decorations so that they can add up the costs as they go along in the store. Stress to them that getting a more expensive item means getting less.
  5. If they are adamant about getting more expensive items that exceeds the budget, tell them they will have to pay the extra cost out of their own pocket.
  6. Reward their frugality by telling kids that if they come in under budget, you will split the savings with them.
  7. Continue the budgeting lesson by getting kids involved in the weekly grocery budgeting and shopping.

For more Halloween spending tips and tools visit

Jason Alderman, Personal Finance Expert and Senior Director of Global Financial Literacy at Visa Inc.

Jason Alderman believes that using opportunities like Halloween spending as a way to begin or continue the money conversation within the home is critical.

To arrange for an interview with Mr. Alderman, please contact Hugh Norton at (703)683-5004, ext. 133 or

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