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Transitioning From the Military

Transitioning From the Military
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Roadmap for Educators

Roadmap for Educators
Discover the wide array of free resources on Practical Money Skills and how to use them in your classroom.
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More Testimonials

"I am a high school teacher and one of the courses I teach is Consumer Education. While we offer a textbook for the course, I have found your materials to be very valuable. I also teach a Consumer Education course for special needs students and I was thrilled to see that you offer the curriculum tailored to special needs students. I would like to thank you for all your efforts in putting together your Practical Money Skills for Life program. It is an excellent program and your hard work is being used in my classes."


Joe Ehlers
Moline High School
Moline, IL

"I think your Practical Money Skills resources are a life-saver for adult educators and education centers with limited funds. I especially like the content. Lessons are easy to read, easy to understand, and make sense. THANK YOU!"


Heidi Pacheco
CHEERS Learning Center
Center, CO

"Equipping our students with a higher level of financial literacy is vital to the future of our society. Practical Money Skills for Life is an excellent tool to assist with this effort."


Martha Cubbage
Nevada Regional Technical Center
Nevada, MO

"This program is an awesome way to teach credit to kids!"


Deb Moore
Sunrise Mtn. High School
Peoria, AZ

"Becoming financially literate is so important today; therefore, I believe a course in Practical Money Skills should be a required course for all students in Middle/Junior/High School."


Gladys Fitzhugh-Pemberton
Theodore Roosevelt High School
Washington, DC

"Participating in the Practical Money Skills Challenge is an excellent way to open the mystery of the financial world for teenagers – a truly great experience!"


Alexis Mimi Szutz
Chattahoochee High School
Alpharetta, GA

"Participating in the Educator Challenge and using the on-line Practical Money Skills Curriculum (with tests, lesson plans, links, simulations, valuable activities, new and innovative teaching methods, etc.) provides ongoing resources and valuable professional development tools that enhance my secondary level business courses."


Jean F. Churchill
Oliver Ames High School
North Easton, MA

"It's great curriculum, it's really user friendly and as a teacher I don't often have a lot of time to research and find materials."


Rita Bennett

"In the past we'd just give students a diploma and a transcript - no longer - we're preparing you to be a good citizen and this practical money management program is excellent."


Charles Cwierko

"The site's fantastic, I really enjoy it. The interactivity is helpful and all of the materials being available online for a teacher is outstanding."


Dave Bradley

"It's great! It has great teacher resources. I can't wait to get my high school kids started on using it…"


Mary Eckert

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