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Valentine's Day Savings Ideas

For many couples, talking about finances is as unromantic as it gets. A recent Money Magazine survey revealed that 84 percent of respondents felt money caused tension in their marriage. This Valentine's Day, don't let money woes trump romance. Here are some ways to be mindful about money while still letting Cupid know how much you care:

  • Commit to a special Valentine's date. Often, we live hectic lives with barely enough time to get to the next obligation. Carve out some special time to do something fun and cost-conscious with your loved one: go on a hike, play a board game, take a stroll in your neighborhood or watch a romantic comedy with a big bowl of popcorn.

  • Take a chore off of his/her list. Surprise your partner by doing something to make their lives easier, such as vacuuming the entire house, cleaning out the garage, washing the car, organizing the hallway closet or cooking a delicious meal. You could also create a book with "coupons" for certain chores, so your partner can tap into your services throughout the year.

  • Give them the spa treatment. Help your love unwind by giving him or her a massage, foot rub or even a manicure/pedicure. Giving the gift of relaxation can make a big impact without costing you a fortune. Here's a good article on how to create your own home spa day.

  • Profess your love. A few tender words can go a long way when trying to win someone's heart or remind someone how much he or she means to you. If verbally expressing affection or appreciation sounds worse then getting a root canal, consider writing a list of the "Top 10 Reasons I Love You" or "My Favorite Moments with You." Or, spend a few dollars on a heartfelt card or rely on one of the "100 Best Loved Poems."

  • Give a small but significant gift. Not all of us can afford to give a diamond ring or sports car to show our devotion, but you might surprise yourself with what you can conjure up using just a little thought, creativity and time. Write a short story or poem about your relationship; compose a song; draw or paint a picture; print out a few photos and put them in a picture frame or scrapbook; or even save that special rock or seashell you collected together and write your names on it as a keepsake. Click here for some more DIY ideas.

  • Talk about money. Talking about finances does not always have to revolve around debt and bills. Being able to talk honestly and openly with your partner about money can also open doors to new life opportunities together such as buying a home, going on vacation or planning for retirement. Determine a shared goal and start saving for it using the free financial calculator here.

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