Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

"The economic progress of our nation is linked inextricably to the financial well being of individuals. Clearly providing more and better financial education to the broadest segment of our population has never been more important than it is today."

Charles L. Evans
President and CEO
Federal Reserve Bank
of Chicago

Practical Money Skills for Life

"As we strive to improve the financial literacy of women in the United States as well as internationally, it’s important that subject matter experts come together to share ideas and learn from one another. That is when solutions are discovered."

Jason Alderman
Senior Director of Global Financial Education
Visa Inc.

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2013 Summit Biography
Adina Chelminsky
Personal Finance Journalist

Adina Chelminsky is a personal finance journalist and speaker with over 12 years experience. She has written over 3,000 articles on personal finance and money management in various business, women´s and general interest magazines and newspapers. She currently writes a weekly column in Excelsior newspaper focusing on personal financial decisions and entrepreneurship.

In the past 6 years she has published four books, all of them meant to make personal finance understandable to the mainstream Mexican market.

Adina holds a degree in Economics from Universidad Iberoamericana and a Masters Degree in Finance from Universidad Anahuac plus nondegree studies in Corporate Valuation, Behavioral Economics and Family Business Management. She has worked in the financial sector, as a Financial Analyst in BBVA Bancomer Brokerage, and as a College Professor.

And avid twitterer, she lives in Mexico City with her family: two teenagers, a 7 year old and a husband who manages to hold it all together.

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