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Harnessing Innovation to Reshape Financial Education at Visa and Chicago Fed’s 2017 Summit

Visa and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago co-hosted the 11th annual Financial Literacy Summit in April. Panelists discussed the notion that technology is poised to disrupt education as we know it. Cloud computing, wireless broadband, mobile devices and applications, and new teaching methods hold the promise to create educational experiences that are flexible, customizable and more relevant to the realities of students within and outside of the formal classroom. Learning will become more immersive and accessible. In this session, we join a diverse panel of experts at the forefront of education as they explore how new innovations and partnerships can move financial literacy into mainstream education.

The panel was moderated by Dr. Tracey Wilen, Visiting Scholar, Stanford University Media X Program and speakers included Ted Gonder, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Moneythink; Jessica Rosenworcel, Former Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission; Jake Fuentes, Head of New Products, Capital One Consumer Bank; Robert Pratten, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Conducttr; and Karan Goel, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, GetSet Learning.

Learn more at finlitsummit.org.

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