Casey Cosgrove

Director of the Canadian Center for Financial Literacy
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Casey Cosgrove is Director of Financial Literacy with Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding innovative solutions to assist Canadaís low-income earners in becoming economically self-sufficient. Cosgrove joined SEDI in 1996 and has worked extensively with low-income earners in initiatives that help them build their entrepreneurial skills and take control of their finances through financial education.

Passionate about youth-related issues, Casey has developed a series of guides and videos that talk frankly to young people about why financial education matters. He has also provided training and capacity building to hundreds of nonprofits across Canada, helping them integrate financial literacy into their day-to-day services, and has worked directly with more than 10,000 at-risk youth in Canada.

His current duties include leading SEDIís Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy(CCFL), a milestone in the nationís financial literacy. The CCFL will be a hub of forward-thinking ideas and action for government, private and citizen sector organizations. Cosgrove has a Masters in Leadership from the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Guelph. He lives in Burlington, Ontario, with his wife and their three children.

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